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Lancashire Life magazine is the leading magazine for readers who want to know about food and drink, events, properties, celebrity events, walks and competitions. For a business to be featured within such a magazine is an honour which is why everyone at Canal Boat Cruises was privileged when we were featured twice.

One of the biggest selling magazines within the UK and it is jammed pack full of vital information, stunning photography and all the must know information about the towns, villages and places within Lancashire.



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First we were lucky enough to have Riley Green Marina featured on the cover of Lancashire Life in their January 2012 edition. This was a stunning photo which showed the snow which covered many of the canal boats but what it really shows is the picturesque scenery along the canal.

Then we were quite astounded when we featured in their March 2012 as a double page spread within the magazine. This showed off our background and how our little family run business became a reality.

The Food Writer at Lancashire Life, Philippa James wrote about her time on our cruising restaurant canal boat, Romance and the food which she was served whilst onboard. At the time we didnít know that she was a food writer and we just treated her like any other guest. She was served with Pork Roulard and described it as absolutely delicious!

We source all of our ingredients from local businesses and this makes up our Taste Lancashire menu. Canal Boat Cruises always admired the countryside around us and when we started this business we always said that we would source our food from some of the best farmland which means our customers get mouth watering food on their plates.

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